Traditional Wine Making Process vs Modern Wine Making

Are you one of those who love tasting different wines? Brisbane is one of the best cities that host some of the great bars and pubs. If you have recently moved to this beautiful city, then you can discover a plenty of options to taste premium quality of wine.

But do you know the different between traditional wine making process and modern process? Many bars in and around Brisbane serves a variety of wine but don’t know the basic difference between conventional and modern the making process.

Today, we will discuss the major differences and understand the process so that you can enjoy every sip of your favourite wine like never before.

Let’s Get Started!

Traditional Making Process

Fresh and fully-ripened grapes are used to make wines. In a traditional method, the grapes are picked when the flavour, its acidity and sugar ripeness are in balance. Since there were no high-end technologies at that time, the fermentation process occurs with no additives. Such wines generally show the particularities of their vineyards and the inherent quality of that place.

In the traditional making process, the same grapes were used to produce different variety of wines. Though the wines will taste almost similar but not the same as each will reflect the subtleties and differences of the vineyards, growing conditions of different regions, etc.

The wines made in a traditional way generally have moderate levels of alcohol which is less than 13.5%, light fruit flavours, high acidity, high fruit extraction and minerality. If you want to start your own wine-related business in Brisbane, then do a thorough research about the different wine making process.

However, running a new bar from scratch can be quite challenging for beginners, especially if you don’t have enough financial resources. But, you can look for a profitable business for sale in Brisbane that can give you an opportunity to run your own bar where you can serve wine and other drinks. Make sure you do a thorough research before making the final decision.

Modern Wine Making Process

Modern or new-age styled wines focus on raw power of the fruit that are luscious and rich in taste. Fully-ripened grapes are used to make wines that are full of flavours, with pronounced oak flavours and of higher alcohol. In the harvesting stage, the special methods are implemented to produce sweet table wines. In a modern process, new age fermentation machines have been used to enhance the quality of wines without much effort.

In modern wine production methods, the grapes are crushed and stemmed at the same time with the help of a crusher-stemmer. The machine consists of a perforated cylinder having paddles revolving at 600 to 1,200 revolutions/per minute.

The crushing process takes place much quicker as compared to the traditional wine making process. The grape berries are thoroughly crushed and fall through the perforations. In ancient methods, people used to crush the grapes with the feet.

On the other hand, new-age technologies make the production of wines quite easy. From juice separation to increasing flavour extraction, alcoholic fermentation to post-fermentation treatment, producers are using advanced machines to save time and human resources.

There is no denying the fact that these wines are of good quality and many bars in Brisbane offer wines that have used modern procedures. However, most lack the subtle flavours of traditionally made wine and also tastes the same.

While traditionally-produced wines have more flavours, subtle taste and reflect the growing conditions of vineyards and wineries across Australia. It is easy to pair such wines with food and that’s why many authentic bars and restaurants in Brisbane have a special place for traditionally-produced wines. They are still high in demand- thanks to its punchy flavours, authenticity and quality.


There is no best way to experience best quality of wines than coming to the vineyard with family. Express your love for wine and run your own business in Brisbane. There are many existing bars and restaurants available for sale in Brisbane that you can buy at low overheads to generate higher revenues. But before buying a business, you can read this article to understand the difference between traditional and modern wine making process.