About Us

Our founder and head chef, Danny Lopez, always wanted to create a restaurant that will be more than just a place that serves excellent food. Danny wanted to give locals a fantastic place where they would always feel like home, but the excitement of going our will not be missed. Under his supervision, our team have worked hard and successfully built a place where our customers can get mouth-watering food at down-to-earth prices.
All our staff has a passion, and thus they provide the best possible service. We are in the market for around a decade now, and within this short period, we have established ourselves. Domrizzo is considered as one of the best restaurants in Brisbane. All our team members and customers are all treated with respect.
We are a popular restaurant in the city that is known for our signature dish Broiled Sirloin Tips, delicious hand-breaded Buffalo wings, and frosted mugs of beer and many more. It is an ideal place to spent time with family and friends.


" Domrizzo is the perfect place in Brisbane to enjoy a delicious meal. Our ambience provides a lively and energetic atmosphere that is ideal for weekend parties. We have served millions of guests in Brisbane over the last ten years. We will continue to grow and take care of every customer who walks through our doors, just like the way we have done so far. "

" Our team of chefs is the real reason behind our aromatic flavours, eye-catching dish presentation and delicious cuisine, which is a treat to the eyes and satisfy the taste buds of the visitors. Their profound knowledge about various dishes and innovative approach has earned appreciation across the Brisbane. They have left no stone unturned to make us a prestigious name in this genre. "

" We are one of the most popular restaurants in not only Brisbane, but in entire Queensland. That is why, we believe it is our responsibility to take care of our customers. That is why we not only focus on the quality of the food but also how we can provide some benefit to our customers. That is why we offer many offers on our foods and drinks. Our only intention is to make sure customers experience a great time and get the maximum value for their money. "


Our Achievements Timeline


Official opening of Domrizzo on the birthday of Danny Lopez.


Celebrated landmark of 1 million customers.


Won ‘Best Restaurant in Brisbane’ award.


Received appreciation certificate from Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA)


Opened 2 new branches (Sydney and Adelaide)

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