Our Chefs

Domrizzo is one of the top restaurants in Brisbane, and our reputation lies in the hands of our chefs. And they also understand the significance of their responsibilities to maintain the reputation of our restaurant. Our team of chefs is synonymous with aromatic flavours, delicious cuisine, and an attractive dish presentation that satisfy not only the taste buds but also a treat to the eyes. A chef is responsible for the milestone that a restaurant achieves and Domrizzo is no different. Our team of chefs has helped us to become a reliable name in this genre.They believe that any recipe doesn’t have a soul.
It is the cook who must bring the soul to that particular recipe. Our team consist of all kinds of chef including Butcher-chef Fish chef, Roast chef, Fry chef, Grill chef, Vegetable chef, Soup chef, Pantry chef and Pastry chef. Everyone is unique in their way. Our head chef or the master chef – Danny Lopez - is responsible for managing the entire team of chefs, control the kitchen costs and take care of the overall kitchen. Our Sous-Chef Jimmy Parker closely works with Danny and has shared his burden brilliantly. He is also responsible for managing the kitchen staff and works as a head chef when Danny is off-duty.

Responsibilities of a chefs in Domrizzo

Plan the Menus
It can be a tough job to select a couple of dishes from the hundred of attractive names printed on the menu card. But, it’s even tougher to decide those hundred names on the menu card. Our team analyse the demand of each dish and make necessary changes in the menu.
Develop New Recipes
Our team is responsible for preparing the latest, different and innovative recipes — they experiments for weeks and months to present a new and delicious dish to our customers.
Maintain Relations with Customers
A satisfied customer is the essential thing for any business and restaurant industry is no exception. Therefore, our chefs do not keep themselves limited to the four walls of the kitchen. They interact with our customers to get honest feedback. They take care of the issues regarding any preparation or quality of the food.
Train the New Staff
Our team is consist of some seniors chefs who are the most knowledgeable and experienced person in the kitchen. So, time to time they train the other kitchen staff and to make sure that they execute the overall planning of the team in a perfect manner.
Maintain the Quality
Our team makes sure the food we are providing is of the best quality. They not only take care of the taste of our dishes but also inspect the freshness of food ingredients. They also monitor the sanitation and cleanliness of the kitchen. They also keep a close watch that none of our guests has to wait for long to get the ordered food and drinks.
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