Welcome to Domrizzo - one of the leading fine dining restaurants in Brisbane. This is an ideal place for people who want to explore new things, experience a majestic ambience and look beyond the menu in Brisbane. Domrizzo is that point where food meets the art and passion of some marvellous chefs who create culinary masterpieces. And we can assure you that our dishes will wake all of your senses. The fantastic place serves truly exquisite food in a warm ambience with friendly staff. Within a short period, we have witnessed a great success in Brisbane and surrounding regions owing to sincerity, hard work and relentless desire to excel. Not only we ensure that we are offering delicious dishes, but also keep an eye of the hygiene. We do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen every week to make sure it is free from dirt and dust. If you are looking to tickle your taste buds, enjoy a peaceful meal, and bask in a great ambient environment while having food plus drinks, then pay us a visit as soon as possible. We guarantee to provide a satisfying and memorable dining experience whether you come alone or have company. From the best drinks in the city to the best dishes, you can get everything at one place with excellent customer service. So, what are you waiting for? Make reservation now!

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A Taste of Heaven
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The Matchless
Ambience and Food

At Domrizzo, we provide fresh and delicious food as well as prompt service. Not only food, but the ambience is also stunning! From the floor-to-ceiling windows, polished concrete floors, white-clothed tables and classic bistro chairs, this place is a perfect canvas of Brisbane for head chef Danny Lopez and his entire team; to make the masterstrokes of aesthetically excellent food that exemplifies the native ingredients of Australia and latest technique of cooking. This is an ideal place all kinds of events, be it personal or professional.
Due to our top quality & excellent taste of the food, friendly staff and prompt service, we are considered as one of the best restaurants in Brisbane. The decor, furniture, colour combination, and the design gives it a sophisticated touch. We keep a close watch on our food and service quality and always ask our customer for the valuable feedback, which helps us to stay on the right track.
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Our Team of Chefs

Our team of chefs is highly experienced and has an extraordinary ability to express their creativity through their dishes. For our head chef Danny Lopez and his team, the kitchen is like a playground to experience adventures, a place where a chef should continually evolve through a better understanding of method and product. Every member is highly experienced and specialised in various dishes. They have also been trained by Danny to prepare the best recipes with a unique flavour.
Danny works closely with the product suppliers in Brisbane and his knowledgeable team of chefs to make sure the products he is using can reach their fullest potential without compromising the integrity of the products. Domrizzo is one of the best restaurants in Brisbane and knows for the blend of taste and creativity.

One Stop Place for All Your Events

Whether it’s a weekday knock-off drinks, boozy brunch, Christmas party, a birthday celebration, or a casual catch up with your dear friends in Brisbane, Domrizzo is the place that will fulfil all your requirements and gives you an experience of a lifetime.
Enjoy the rare combination of drink, dine & dance in one of Brisbane’s best restaurants. As this place is appropriate for all kinds of events, Domrizzo is a highly recommended restaurant, especially among youngsters. It is currently one of the most popular venues in town and an excellent location to host your next celebration. For availability and bookings please get in touch with us at least two weeks in advance.

Danny believes in working smarter, and thus the menu Domrizzo continually adapt to seasonal changes and focus on the availability of produce in Brisbane.

Our Special Dishes
Chicken parmigiana
Barbequed snags
Meat pies
Vegemite on Toast

   This allows us to serve our customer with a wide range of foods. Our dishes and ambience of the restaurant would take you on a journey that is not possible to forget.

Wines – Our Specialty

From the regional specialties to the best-known terroirs of the world, each wine we are offering our customers has been specially selected to complement our menu. Our list includes wines from all types of producers who we believe are doing an excellent job in both modern and traditional wine-making techniques. Domrizzo is a fully licensed restaurant in Brisbane.



We believe that eating is more than just consuming. Our team of experienced chef wants to serve such delicious food that can maximise your sensations while eating. Our blend of the contemporary and classic menu has been specially designed to highlight the creativity and passion for cooking.We maintain a positive and energetic environment in the kitchen that brings the best out of every chef in the team. As providing fresh and healthy food is our primary concern, our menu constantly changes as it depends on seasonal availability. The flavours in each dish are carefully balanced so that you can experience a unique taste.


" I recently went to Domrizzo for dinner for the first time with some friends. And I must say, they have packed some excellent flavours in this menu. We ordered the vegan green curry, chicken cashew stiry-fry (both delicious) and the beef vindaloo. The vindaloo was incredibly spicy hot, but the taste was just awesome. It is a little embarrassing as most of us couldn't absorb the heat. To handle that situation, we also ordered the acai smoothie. The staffs were attentive and friendly. Last, but not least, the ambience of that place was fantastic, and I would return, maybe this time with my family. "

Emily Anderson

" Last month, our company was looking for a place in Brisbane where we can have a lunch event for the management team and our clients, and I came across Domrizzo. We had a word with them, and they organised the lunch for our entire team of 27 people. And, I must say, we made the right choice as the clients and the management team highly appreciated the ambience and the variety, taste, and presentation of the food. We have also finalised this place for our upcoming dinner event in a couple of weeks. "

Dejan Modric